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These guys are naturally peace-loving creatures, and can be found in the Redwood Forest. You need to be lvl 30 or they will reject any attempts at taming. They are also easily ticked off if you get too close during a taming process or by accident. It may not usually make these sounds, but these are their approximate voice-lines if you want to tame them but can’t find them (some of these may help you during the taming process if you listen for them), note these are all at a deep pitch)

Idle/Wandering: HU-HU-HU-HUH.

Eating/berry picking: *Item-gathering noises*

Upon being bumped into by a player: ARGH.

Throwing a punch: BLAH!

Upon dying/being killed: BLAARGH!

Leveling up: *Low-pitched, quiet/calm laughter*

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