I had just knocked out an argie and was preparing to tame it. Then I realized I had barely any prime meat. So me and my pteranodon went out and absolutely murked every paracer and diplo around the red peaks. Then when I was going back I was flying low and didnโ€™t see the small brown patch under meโ€ฆ Then a purlovia jumps out and attacks me, breaking my chitin armor and lowering my pteranodon to half hp, when I got unstunned I got on my pteranodon as fast as I could.

I knew I couldnโ€™t make it out with the pteranodon in time so I prepared for the worst. Then my hero, A level 30 bigfoot storms out from behind a tree and beats the living crap out of that purlovia, killing it. Needless to say I thank bigfoot for taking time out of his day to beat up a bully.

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