Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Noob Chronicles

Gunner decided that to survive pvp he needed friends. He slowly approached a player, no weapons and crouching. They sent him a tribe invite. He accepted and thought that he now was friends with everybody on the server. He got a pteranodon and a parachute and decided to fly into someone’s base to say hello. He flew over and din’t see anybody. They had a fence of battlements with a building inside, so he parachuted into the battlements. Then he saw someone and waved. They attacked him, so Gunner killed the guy and decided to report intertribal violence to whoever owned the base. A door was open, so he went in. He found a room with an otter and he immediately stopped to look at it. It was so cute! Then he heard a gunshot and accidentally threw a grenade at the otter in surprise. He was so distracted with the dead otter that he didn’t notice until too late he was tranquillized. He awoke in a cage and someone telling him to give up his weapons. He handed them over. They let him out and told him they had a surprise for him. They took him to the massive cave and told him to stand on the edge of a cliff for his surprise. When he did, they punched him off the cliff into the lava.

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