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Noob Chronicles: Chapter 2

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Noob Chronicles: Chapter 2

After his experience with the trike, Gunner(the noob) decided to get a few primitive weapons. After getting a stone pick, stone hatchet and a bow with 15 arrows, he thought that he was well equipped for any dinosaur out there. He decided to explore. He wandered all across the island, narrowly avoiding a titanaboa and a raptor. He finally came to the snowy biome. Gunner decided to explore this amazing place. He ignored the FREEZING notification (what can a little cold do?) and saw in the distance a massive, scaly dinosaur. He wondered what it was. It was grey/blue, looked like a T. rex and was eating a mammoth. He decided to watch it from about 30 feet away. Wait. Why was it coming towards him. No! Run! CRUNCH! β€œYou were killed by a Level 8 giga.”

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