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Noob Chronicles : Chapter 5

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Noob Chronicles : Chapter 5

Gunner decided not to go outside AT ALL or do ANYTHING DANGEROUS. But after a couple days, that got really boring. He decided he needed a mount. Aha! A raptor! They were fast, dangerous and cool-looking. Perfect! He prepared for battle.He got 2 stacks of meat, tranq arrows, a bola and narcoberries. He ran into a forest and started searching around. It wasn’t long before he found one. Gunner ( who had gotten better ) bolad it and knocked it out. After a long time, he tamed it! As he was riding it back ( he had a saddle ) he saw a red fiery raptor. That would be awesome to tame! He put his raptor on passive and shot the fiery raptor with a tranq dart. It ran after him and then Gunner realized he had no bola. Oh well, what can a raptor do? He shot it again and thought everything was going well until it hit him. IT DID A THIRD OF HIS HEALTH! BAM! It killed him. And he lost his raptor to the alpha as well. Gunner now was SURE he was cursed.

Up for chapter 6!

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