Noob Chronicles : Chapter 4

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Noob Chronicles : Chapter 4

Gunner had decided to lay low and build a stone house. He had a pike, 100 damage bow, metal pick and hatchet and a pet dilo. He decided to do a cave with his dilo. He chose HUNTER. He heard that there were spiders and scorpions. What can a tiny bug do? He swam to hunter ( avoiding a spinosaurus ) and entered the cave. He was 30 feet in when he was hungry. He ran out to gather berries. Suddenly β€œyour dilo level 18 was killed by an Araneo level 7”. What !?!? How did a tiny spider kill a poison spitting Dino! He ran in and ... OH SHOOT THESE THINGS ARE HUGE! He tried to run but was webbed. He finally killed the spider just in time to get stung by a pulmoscorpius. He killed it but fell unconscious. He awoke just in time to see a giant centipede maul him to death.

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