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Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter thirty two

By skronkmonster

At this point bean was crying but there was no time for that because we heard a booming voice outside: β€œ hey guys! Remember me? Tis I your beloved overseer: the do do dex!”

β€œ My prime function was to keep you from earth and if that means killing my former boss to build this huge robot suit out of his metal than I’m all for it! I’ve been spying on you and now in your moment of triumph you will all die!” He continued. We all ran outside to see a huge robot suit with a large dodo dex eye! β€œ you three go protect the tames” Helena ordered us β€œ axe your with me! Bean, man the turrets!” So Annie George and I ran to our tames and we had a good view of what was happening! Bean was sitting on one of the wall turrets, and Helena just turned into a wyvern! The dodo dex was beating up wyvern Helena and axe when suddenly I had an idea.

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