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Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter thirty

By skronkmonster

Josiah rolled his eyes and said “ I get it. You don’t see a guy half your size but twice your age every day. It’s ok I’m used to it.” He smiled. “ can we focus? There is a maniac with a unicorn head out there somewhere! The genesis isn’t safe so long as he isn’t dead!” Axe yelled

“ I got this. I’ve been fixing machines before I knew how to say ‘dada’” Annie said she cracked her knuckles and walked over to the machine. As she clicked keys and took apart wiring she said “ this is odd. The log says the last known transportation leads to lat -87 long -09. That shouldn’t be possible.” “ I don’t think the dashes mean negative.” Bean siad. “ but that’s just it. This is a map of genesis. All five biomes perfectly normal ” she said as she pulled up a map on the screen. “ this is us. The green dot.” Then she pulled up a map with completely different terrain.

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