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Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter twenty four

By skronkmonster

“ a simple trade.” Bro proposed “ give me brad and I’ll give you this one.” Helena looked angry. “ why do you want him so bad anyways!?” Helena yelled. “ I have my orders.” Bro said “ from who?” I asked “ my client goes by the name Rockwell. He is an odd fellow but he pays well.” Bro responded Annie looked at me “ what the heck? Are you in on this John?” She asked. “ he’s not. He looks nothing like my client. Rockwell looks like a Tusoteuthis and a titan combined.” Bro said. “ I’ll go.” Said brad. “Just give us Annie first ok?. He asked. “ no. I act in my self interest and right now I’m interested in shooting you all. Give me Brad first.” Bro responded. Brad walked towards him. Bro pushed Annie towards us. “ a fair trade. Now get off my property.” Bro said. “Are you ok?” Helena asked Annie. She nodded and looked at the sky. Then she squinted.

“ is that a sky whale?”

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