Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter twenty two

By skronkmonster

“ Of course I know him, he's my friend!” I snapped. He laughed “ you don’t even know him! He’s the weakest of our kind! he has severe narcolepsy! He just falls asleep randomly!” Bro said.

“Now move aside I’m here to take Brad!” I didn’t dare move nether did George or his ferox. We were parylized. If brad was the strongest among us but the weakest among his family… than we’re sitting dodos and they all have guns! “Fine! I’ll play the waiting game. I’ll wait until you all die of hunger and then take brad. He shut the door behind him as he left. Brad was crying in front of the hazmat suits. He didn’t make a sound but little droplets were sneaking out the bottom of his mask. “ we can find a way out of this. Like these c4’s can blow a hole through that wall and we can escape!” I said “The room is too small we would get caught in the explosion” George responded

This is bad!

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