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Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter twenty (YES!!)

By skronkmonster

“ run!” Helena yelled. We were being shot at. We tried to scale the wall surrounding the fort but the second we mounted the wall we were being shot at by turrets. “ Split up!” George yelled. I went for a nearby staircase, George scaled the other side of the wall, Annie vented, and Helena kept running around the wall. Brad was long gone. He was jumping towards a turret. When he jumped on it it starred shooting in random directions and the other turrets started shooting at the one he was on. Genius! I went down the staircase and I was at the base of the fort. I tried to go inside but I was grabbed by a claw. I almost screamed but I whipped around to see George and his ferox. It got big! He put his finger to his mouth and I nodded. We shouldn’t draw attention to ourselves. “I’m going in.” George whispered.

“Stay quiet.”

(P.S. read the ferox fire by Metallica P. It’s good! Also u p d o o t it)

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