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Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter sixteen

By skronkmonster

“ do you want to help or do you want us to throw you off!?” Yelled Annie. We were trying to shoot the purple corruption but Brad didn’t do anything And the fungal titanete was putting up a fight! “ eh… I’m cool with both.” Brad responded he jumped off lady and onto the titanete’s neck! He got out a knife from his glove and started gashing away at the corruption! He was fast too! Before we knew it half the corruption was sheared off its neck. Brad then jumped back onto the platform and fell asleep on the floor. “Somethings wrong with that guy.” Helena said as we fired away at our remaining half. The battle was long and hard but in the end after lots of shooting/tree-throwing the last bit of corruption from its neck was wiped away! Then her head sprouted a flower and inside that flower laid:

“ the artifact of the abreant!”

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