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Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter thirteen

By skronkmonster

“ now that we have the magmasaur we can start getting the boss artifacts.” Helena said. She opened her notebook and turned to a page featuring a large beast with a mushroom for a head and four bulky arms. “ this is the fungal titantanete . She holds the artifact of the abreant.” Helena said. I looked at it and asked “ so if we get these artifacts we can enter the overseer’s base?” “ yes we need to find three artifacts.” Said Helena “ the artifact of the abreant, the artifact of the murderess, and the artifact of the betrayal.” I have the book now “ so these titanetes are like smaller Titants?” I asked “ yes. But the titanetes are almost impossible to kill to we need to tame them. Unless you have some spare nukes or metors.” Helena responded Annie looked ober and chuckled “ I wish!” She was busy trying to lead the magmasaur into lady’s platform saddle. George rolled his eyes and said “wait! We forgot to name him! What’s wrong with us!” Geoge put his hand on the magmasaur’s nose and quickly pulled away “ ow” he said “ ok then I dub thee… uncle spicy! After my favorite hot sauce!”

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