Revenge of the overseer Chapter ten By…

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter ten

By skronkmonster

“ i don’t think this is the place” I said. We were on a rocky cliff looking at the magmasaur habitat. It wasn’t a natural place. Of corse the rocks and the lava and the lava rocks were natural but there was a giant lab building where the magmasaurs should be. “ of course it’s the place. The mind controlled people must have built it so nobody tames it.” Helena responded. “ why did they do that?” Annie asked “ because what we’re about to do is very much considered dumb and even insane.” Helena told them. I analyzed the building and saw a vent in the side. “ he look a vent! Someone could crawl through and open the gates!” We all looked at Annie. “ what?” She asked as she took a sip of her water jar. “Wait… you don’t want me to…” she continued “ crawl into a science building and fight delusional scientists?” Helena sighed and said “ you know kid… I’ve never been so glad to be fourty-one.”

Looks like we know who’s going in

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