Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter six

By skronkmonster

The ferox was a flying whirlwind when in a combat situation. When I was in a combat situation I rode schnauzer . Currently he was not very far. He was within earshot, so when Annie screamed he and lady ran/ flew to fight the threat. The ferox was still after Annie. Every time she reached for her gun, or a cod bomb, or even a nearby branch the ferox knocked her to the floor! Georgeโ€™s shots werenโ€™t that effective either. Whenever he shot it it just paused for half a second and shook it off! I rushed at it with my sword but it knocked me off a cliff! I thought I was a goner but lady caught me! I had never been so happy to smell her talons in my life! Or happy at all! Back on the cliff the ferox was about to squash Annie with his big smelly claw but schnauzer tackled him! Suddenly the ferox fell asleep and woke up tiny again. Then The Dododex approached it and announced โ€œit is tamed.โ€

We named our new pal Tiny!

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