Revenge of the overseer

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Revenge of the overseer

Chapter five

By skronkmonster

“So what do you do?” I asked Dododex. “ lots! For example I know where everybody is at all times and I can identify any creature!” Said Dododex. George raised an eyebrow “ well then what’s that?” Asked George. Dododex’s eye turned red as he yelled “ get back! That is a ferox! He will eat us all!” Annie laughed as she asked “That thing? It’s so tiny!!” Annie got on her knees as she asked it “ hi! Would you like this floppy disk?” She gave it the black thing and it ate it. Dododex was screaming his head off as he levetated away “RUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!” He screamed. I runned after him because he was probably right about it being deadly. And I was right! The thing transformed into a giant thing with four monsterous arms and big teeth! It swung a claw at Annie! George was shooting it with a shotgun But it ate the shells and kept going after Annie. Dododex sighed “ oh well they’re dead. Let’s go somewhere else.” He said.

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