The trails of Rockwell and George 2

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The trails of Rockwell and George 2

Revenge of the overseer

Chapter one

(If you haven’t read the trails of Rockwell and George 1 you might not know what’s going on. Find it on the quetzal page!)

Lots of cool stuff has happened since we took down the woolies. Rock stepped down as Chief and got replaced, we took down the megapithecus, the dragon too, I sold the megapithecus arm for a wolf pup with three noses, I named him Shnauzer, Annie slapped me in the face for selling the arm, but now we’re going to revisit the overseer’s lair. In search of uncle Edmund! Uncle Edmund is like a celebrity on the island for beating the overseer but hasn’t been seen since the battle. Now George, Annie and I are on the back of lady the quetz heading for the tallest point in ark: the volcano! I brought shnauzer too! Lady’s platform saddle has improved a lot! It had two 2x2 rooms and a nice fire place too! But Soon we made it!

It was time!

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