So I was readying the store I posted on the ice titan and…

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So I was readying the store I posted on the ice titan and I have decided to make another store and if you haven’t checked that one out then go ahead and do that. So let’s get started there once was a super crazy crack boi and his name was a floof he loved element he loved it so much that if he ate it he became super strong and he got really big all of his friends were scared of him then one day a human came and the human shoot him and that is when the light faded and the next second it was back and he was on the humans shoulder then he and the human destroyed the evil boss but after the fight he was wounded the world went dark and could he went in to a light and he woke up back in his home he saw a sad human and recognized him he then ran at him and jumped on home and gave him a huge the human began to cry and he started laughing and smiling he was cry tears of joy the end. I hope you enjoyed and I want all of you to go check out the ice titan one so smash that like button for more

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