I fricken hate playing this game sometimes. Okay so as some of you guys know on ark you can do these things called daily pursuits where you do a pursuit that is assigned that day and you basically do it daily like a streak and on mobile you get amber as a reward and the amount of amber goes up the longer you keep that in a row, right? Okay so I’m on my 14th day I believe and the daily pursuit of today was extremely easy🙃 or so I thought , the pursuit was to take a photo of a wild equus and so I go out flying around looking for an Equus to take a photo of and I searched the ENTIRE map (specifically their spawning location) I was obsessed with Equus’ like a month ago so I memorized their spawning location and have encountered them like yesterday and the day before but on the day I need them ARK DECIDED TO DESPAWN THEM FOR THE ENTIRE FRICKEN DAY AND NOW I LOSE MY PROGRESS BECAUSE ARK MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTINUE THEY DO THIS BS ON PURPOSE I SWEAR. Also keep in mind when I went to their spawning locations it was empty, hardly any dinos to take up spawning points so I blame ark and ark alone on why I my daily pursuits had to restart. Now restarting the daily pursuit isn’t bad nor hard to do the only thing that makes me mad is because ark did that on purpose. And I understand Equus are kinda Rare they aren’t even suppose to be close to the unicorn bruh.

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