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Great tame for the ocean biome in Genesis. There is a of of metal and stone nodes all over for it to harvest, and in select spots there is abundant crystal for it to get as well. There are also mushrooms for fungal wood and thatch (look like brown coral).

Beware eels and cnidria, as these guys arenbulnerable to both, and has shit speed to outrun them. Good to bring an escort, like a basilo.

It has poor weight, so make sure to pump it. Though 2000 might seem like a lot, the dunkleo does not reduce the weight of any resource. Spare levels after weight can go into other stats, like melee, speed and stam.

As a final note the dunkleo is great for taming tusos. As they have natural armour they take less dmg from the grab, and it has good base health for it.

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