A good Southern Cave Set

Longneck Rifle: Keep enough ammo and durability to one shot low lvl Spiders and boas

The Direbear hunt Sword: Obtained through the Direbear Hunt Quest on Mobile, very powerful in a close range setting

Whatever you loot from the corpses: You can find weapons in these guys(somehow), which can keep you going for longer

Pike: If you absolutely run out of options, but don’t want torpor inflicted, this is a good option to keep them away, looted spears work well too.

Spoiled Meat: If you happen to knock out a creature there or stumble across a dung beetle, don’t hesitate to tame one so your life is easier.

Jerky or Cooked Meat: Cooked food restores a little hp every time it’s consumed, and jerky lasts longer(Cooked meat can also turn into spoiled meat)

Water containers: There is little accessible water in caves, so bringing some will be your best ally.

An Aggro Immune Mount: Some say that a cave tamed Araneo on mobile has the immunity to aggro like itchys, just so long as they fit through the entrance

A torch: So you can see without the light of crystals

Strong Armor: While most creatures in the south cave do little to no damage, the centipede is one of the toughest and deadly foes in there.

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