How I defeated the dragon with a stone pickaxe

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How I defeated the dragon with a stone pickaxe

Me and my friend decided to fight the dragon with 0 expectations of winning. We just wanted to see how much our dino army could take. After a while our dino’s started dying one by one. My friend died as well and at that point I was alone with my loyal yuti. I saw the dragon coming for us. It was low on hp but there was no way we were going to slay it before it would slay us. In total panic I accidentally used my reusable grapple (mod) on the dragon. One second later my Yuti died, but I was alive, still attached to the dragon. I didn’t know what to do but it’s hitbox couldn’t reach me while I was strapped to it’s belly. I started shooting the 20 stone arrows I had left but that wasn’t enough. So in the end I made a stone pickaxe (thanking god for having a messy inventory) and slashed away.

And that, my children, is the story of how I defeated the dragon using a stone pickaxe. It was terrifying.

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