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So I tried taming a lvl 130 Doedicurus, and to be prepared I made 300 tranq arrows, I was aware it would curl into a ball if it took too much damage, so I began to tranq it, 50 arrows in, it decided to jump off a cliff and luckily not die, I jumped after it only to be greeted by a raptor that had to take my attention, giving my friend time to decrease torp, after I dealt with the raptor I continued to shoot the Doe with more tranq arrows, but it didn't move, neither agro neither curl up in a ball, simply freezing,I thought this might be my chance to tranq it, after finishing 100 arrows on it I was gettint worried it was glitched, so I left the server and came back in case my ping was affecting it, continued and finished all my arrows and still, it wasn't moving but stil not unconscious, I can only assume the animation of curling into a ball glitched and I was basically wastin my arrows lol

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