The Reckoning -

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The Reckoning -

A man awoke. He felt as if this was a dream, but he had already been in one. Blackness. Coldness. Emptiness. โ€œYou,โ€ a deep, guttural voice cried out from the dark. โ€œYou, are a fool.โ€ The man looked around for the source, but still nothing appeared. โ€œYou think you know this place. You think you have CONQUERED this place. You think your massive beasts and unnatural machines make you powerful. You think that you have ANY POWER!โ€ The man lurched and grasped his eardrums. โ€œNo.โ€ Suddenly the man started to see vague outlines in the darkness. โ€œI, and what gives you power. I fuel your nightmare beasts, I give your instruments of death shape and comfort, your creatures the ability to be rode. But not. a. modicum. Of. RESPECTโ€ the last word echoed loudly across the plane of blacknes, shaking what little the man could see. โ€œNow, LOOK AT ME. I, AM A MONUMENT. TO ALL! YOUR! SINS!โ€ A red light filled the void and the man saw what was tormenting him. Millions of dead dodo birds, unceremoniously scattered and piled everywhere. Hacked to bits, burned, bite marks on their bodies, everywhere. He saw ghostly impressions, of him, his creatures, his machines, killing phantom dodos as they fell into the bodies of the solid ones. He heard massive footsteps behind him and turned to meet a massive dodo bird, 3 times taller than Whitesky Peak, with massive, glowing red eyes staring down at the man. โ€œNow, you will receive what you have given.โ€

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