The Dodo Chronicles: Chapter (2): The First Objective

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The Dodo Chronicles: Chapter (2): The First Objective

It was a new day in the land of ARK. I was starting the first of three objectives on my list: to construct shelter. Me and my pet dodo who I named Dodo Dude, set off to collect some thatch to build some basic shelter.

We were going through some small trees when we came across two dilophosaurusis! I got my spear out and was ready to fight, but then Dodo Dude battled and killed one of the dilos! I had no idea that something so small and friendly could do something like that. Not to mention that it was only a level 3! While he was killing one dilo, I battled the other. The funny thing was that Dodo Dude Killed his dilo before I killed mine.

After both were taken out, we got back on track. Finally, I had enough thatch to build a small but stable shelter. A triceratops trotted by as the sun slowly set. Tomorrow, I will start the next objective.

To Be Continued . . .

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