Surviving. Pt 2. I woke up as Shadowking squawked at me. He was really hungry, and so was i. I got up and opened my backpack. I got out a few pieces of wood and made a plate and a bowl. I carved the name Shadowking into the bowl. I put berrys in each of the dishes and then put some dried meat in mine. I went out and made 1 more bowl as well as a water skin.i put Shadowking's name on the bowl, filled the waterskin, put water in the water bowl, and filled the water skin again. I put down the food and water bowl for Shadowking, and then started eating my food. I drank and ate all of my stuff. I decided to spend the day gathering and looking at dossiers.

10 hours later, i was off to bed. I had made a dodo bed for Shadowking and put it next to my sleeping bag. End of part 2! Will post again.

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