(Lord of ark chapter 3)

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(Lord of ark chapter 3)

On there way to carnivore island they had no clue what was in store for them the lord of ark:130 do you even know where your going

(Iโ€™m calling him 130 now I will slap u if u say otherwise)130:yes of course I know Iโ€™m not drunk!

The lord of ark:well... as they landed they were greeted by some rexโ€™s rex 1:hello Iโ€™m rexy who might you be? Rex 2:idk cans we eats em

Rex 1:NO U CANT U IGNORINTE SWINE! Remember we donโ€™t eat guests u stupid idiot

Rex 2:*proceeds to pull out ak47 and aims*

Rex 1:donโ€™t shot them!!!

The lord of ark:wow carnivore island has changed a lot wait if you donโ€™t eat guests then what do you eat?

Rex 1:once a week we send one carnivore to find something dead then he eats it then we send another next week the lord of ark:oh ok btw do you happen to know a megalaina named dragon by any chance?

Rex 2:I dids he pwobably getting drunk

Rex 1:no heโ€™s not getting well you know in fact I know where he lives the lord of ark: really heโ€™s my brother well kinda sort of yes and no

Rex 1:oh wow will he lives in carni cave with his wife and kids the lord of ark:WAT THE HECK


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