Did you guys know that you can tame a lvl 1000 direwolf on ark mobile?

Heres how:

First your gonna want to grind amber till u get 32 - 34 amber. Best way is to use a pt and collect a bunch on supply drops they have a chance of giving amber.

Next you need a strong weapon (Around 500 dmg prefered) and some bolas.

Fly to the strong cave in the artic. Your gonna want to find a high lvl direwolf (Max is 900 for brutal and 600 for hard easy and medium) Then, bola it and kill it using the op weapon using headshots. It's best not to venture too far into the cave as it is extremely dangerous.

Collect its implant and go back to ur base to get tranqing and taming gear. Use dododex to see how much tranq/toxicant arrows or darts you will need and you should do the south cave for free soothing balm.

Revive the direwolf using amber at a obilesk, tranq it, feed it and its done! for best results use soothing balm and kibble or prime meat. If you are playing brutal and you get a good direwolf and high taming effectiveness you will get a op direwolf.

Name it Dodo

- TheDodoKing

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