Notice this is about my wolf Akio there will be πŸ”΄ πŸ’€…

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Notice this is about my wolf Akio there will be πŸ”΄ πŸ’€ ❀️)) akio- it started when I was a stray wolf my paws were cold in the ice I was hungry for so long till I saw something flying I thought it was my chance to eat something! Instead it caught me, my paw was bleeding from the bear trap and my waist being shot by traq arrows soon it went black... I woke up seeing the creature.. it let me free from the bear trap and flew off i didn't know why soon I was- with the creature. It decided to mount me. I didn't mind. Soon its been a few months she brought this brown male wolf name hunter. Me and him had 2 kids, both daughters obsidian and Lola. Lola was just born and looks like her father along with obsidian. Soon I went back outside to go turtle hunting for my human I learned today is named moon.

Up for the side of obsidian! Your local brontosaurus catcher-

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