Hey it's brontosaurus catcher!

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Hey it's brontosaurus catcher! This is based off a true story in ark mobile! Hate it or love it πŸ”΄πŸ’€β€οΈ)) Venom.

It was daytime I was swishing my tail to hide a bit of my sent. My claws dig in the ground when i saw something in the distance. It was standing on there back legs.. holding something I ran there but I only had 3 inches away from killing it. I felt pain like never before.. it went dark even in daytime. I heard a lot of commotion I was being fed meat. I woke up and to my surprise the thing gave me some kind- present.. it got on me and went to a caged in place. After a few months I met a handsome raptor. He had green on him like me his yellow eyes dazzled like amber. I fell in love with him first sight I had 1 egg and we thought we named her hellhound after my grandmother, hellshine.. soon I heard screaming and barking.. I saw my mate run to a T-Rex that had grey all over. I backed down protecting my kid. But i saw the worst thing ever... He was dead his leg was gone his neck and body were torn. I said my last goodbye yowling in tears hellhound was also devistated. The creature looked badly injured so I wanted to help them. Instead.... I backed off back into the caged walls.

(Okay this was part 2!!!! I forgot the males name so let's call him- nameless for now. Part 3 is hellhound part 4 will be Layla part 5 will be Sythe there will be no part 6))

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