The Last Hope

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The Last Hope

Chapter 3

By slither

The week after Quail’s death, of course came another. I was out hunting. When it happened.

All I heard was roars, as I thought, it was just mammoths. But one of the mammoths from the herd wasn’t there. I saw feathers over the heads. It was a Yutyrannus, it killed one. And it was going for another. I ran off.

The snow shown the traces of blood. From the mammoth. I shook it out of my head. Focusing on the penguin infront of me. I pounced, my teeth sinking into the thin neck of the penguin. It died instantly. I picked it up, and walked back to the den. But now. Watching me was three eyes.

I ran inside. And seen a horrifying sight. Cloud was dead. The maggots slowly eating into her flesh. Her neck ripped open by something only I could see.

It was from Stone.

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