The Last Hope

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The Last Hope

Chapter 1

By slither

I walked back to my den through the deep, white snow. I held a ovis carcass between my jaws, it’s blood slowly dripping onto the pure snow.

It won’t matter, the snow will cover it up. The den slowly came into view, showing my five pairs of yellow eyes looking at me. I walked into the den. It was warm and cozy after a whole day of hunting. Eagle’s eyes watched on the peaks as the pups eat their fill. I finally looked down at Sparrow, the clingiest pup ever. He kept asking about the past.

I shook my head, and then all I could remember was collapsing on the warm floor of the den.

I woke up, but subconsciously. Awake but not, asleep but awake. All I seen was the blood on my paws, the wolf carcass below me. I’m a murderer, but i never meant. I then fell into a hole that looked exactly like my den, but not. All I could see was a wolf, but without fur, it was of the galaxy. My pups, dead below it. The celestial wolf growled, then screamed.

“Why did you do this? Your ones close despise you. They want to KILL you. They HAAATE you..” It said as it faded away.

I woke with a snap. The pups were playing within the deep snow. I looked behind me. The runt, Quail. Had not woken by then. I’m worried, but not as much as the other’s unawareness. I fear that I’m losing more than one.

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