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Ok To start my last chapter for -A Dire Challenge-

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Ok To start my last chapter for -A Dire Challenge-

Kat looked around while Rex was away. She watched her puppys play in the snow and sneeze when it went up their noses. Kat giggles when their human came back and her puppys toppled over him. She barked welcoming him home and looked around him for Rex.

No Rex only empty space. She looked up at her human. Whimpering she circled him. He sat and patted her. "Im sorry kat He...the birds got to him." kat teared up and sat next to her puppys.She told the in the nicest way possible and they both stuffed their faces in her tail.

The human walked inside and kat sayed where she was the she looked up at the moon and howled with all her sadness and sorrow.Then awhile after that she heard a howl back from the distance between her and the mountains.She breathed deeply and sighed softly as she recognized that howl.

If you liked it let me know and ill give you another Story of my experience . part 1 and 2 are in the humor section. Enjoy!

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