(A flight threw space)

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(A flight threw space)

A male wyvren flew across the sky scanning for any food left from the famine. He growled not spotting anything on the ground or air. He flew back to his owners base scouting around it making sure there wasn't any intruders. He landed making a loud thud making himself known. "Sir I could not find any food whatsoever and water is scarce." the wyvren hissed spreading his scarlet wings.

The human patted the wyvrens talon "No worries we will find something soon blackbullet." He walked towards a female direwolf and hopped on. "I will be back you stay here." He shouted making the wolf run.

Blackbullet snorted unsure if his owner was right. He took flight into the sky spotting a Equus grazzing on berries of all sorts. Diving down he outsprung his claws but missed by a hairs breath. The Equus startled, ran and he chased it all the way till it fell off a cliff landing in magma.

He flapped his wings and gripping the cliff making sure he doesn't fall aswell.

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