The Ultimate Guide to Lost Island

Dinopithecus- Found in the Redwoods only and can be tamed by killing all Dinopithecus in a pack except the alpha

Sinomacrops- Found in the Jungle (Primarily in the the Aztec Village)

Armargasaurus- Found in the Desert, Snow, and Volcano Biomes

Wyverns- A Wyvern Trench can be found in the Volcano and an Ice Wyvern Trench can be found in the snow biome

The Desert- Has Jerboas, Morellatops, Lymantrias, and Thorny Dragons

Basilisks- Found in the Volcano

Snow Owls and Manas- Found in the Snow Biome

X Dunkleostueus- Can be found in the Ocean

Maewings- Found in the Eastern Plains

More Dinopithecus Encountering Tips