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These little guys are great for base Defence. The first technique I mostly only use to defend against quetzals is strapping C4 to a low level dimorph, then whistle him to attack the quetz, and trigger the C-4. Just as he's closing in to bite the quetz. You might need four or five of these guys to down the quetz, but if you ask me, 5 10 minute tames are worth it for a game that probably took the opposition a few hours to tame. Another technique like to use to take out rexes gigas, and other tanky dinos, is go around, behind them with a swarm of dimorphs (don't do this against Brontos or any Dino with a huge AoE attack) Then whistle attack (which is ".") on the rider. They will shred through him so fast, he won't know what even happened. After the rider is off, you can easily trap the giga in a large bear trap, kite it off a cliff (or away from your base) or just kill it, when the Dino doesn't have a rider, it sacrifices attack speed which is a very vital part of PvP.

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