This is just a tip for a general gameplay strat- not sure where to put general gamepkay stuff like this...sorry. Anyway, putting all your tames that stay at your base on Neutral is *the* way to do it. This way, they won't get into unnecessary fights, but if an arse of a dino decides to say an unwelcomed "Hello. It's me..." then they can at least defend them AND your base. Neutral puts your dinos on alert mode so that even if a wild dino starts attacking even your fence post, your dinos will whip into action and defend the base. Also, while out on tames, neutral mode allows your dino to protect itself and you while you throw it that damn kibble in a whirlwind of panick. *Literally* the best mode to be on at all times (of course, it'll work as well as per what lvl your dino friends are, but they'll still put up a valiant fight regardless!).

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