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I was once a noob just messing around on south beach…

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I was once a noob just messing around on south beach, somehow I got into a tribe of other noobs and for some reason I decided to tame one of these guys. We started fighting the alpha noob tribe of the south island they had a small half wood half thatch base, a trike and they all had hide armor and spears. We won the war by knocking them out with our great numbers but the last one was using a slingshot on the roof. Idk why but my brain activated and I decided to throw my dimorph and whistle him on the guy and about 10 seconds later the guy had to jump off the roof and we finally killed him. Sadly some high level guys in flak decided to come and they killed us all but when I got knocked out my dimorph distracted them for a good minute before they knocked it with an electric prod. Rip

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