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Be careful when taming one of these, as while they may be cute, the only way to tame them is to knock them out and offer meat while usually keeping them asleep with sedatives like narcoberries or bio-toxin. Because you have to knock them out, this means you have to engage them in combat while bolaed, or quickly shoot them with a tranquilizer arrow. And remember, if you hurt one of them, their buddies won’t see that you are trying to tame themβ€” they will only see AGGRESSION, which they take very seriously. And if you think the worst they can do is give you a tiny scrape, you are SORELY mistaken. THEY WILL RIP YOU APART if you dare try to tame one while it’s family is near. See if they don’t. They are kept commonly as a pet for their small, skinny size and tiny noises, yet when traveling, if whistled to assist you, they make a great guardian when it comes to melee combat situations, provided you have you Dimorphodon perched on your shoulder.

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