These creatures have quetzal kibble as their preferred kibble, which is extremely expensive, especially when you consider how useless these things are. However, it is beneficial to have a few of them if you are a fan of breeding, as their kibble is on the list of possible demanded kibbles for imprinting. Without using quetzal kibble, these creatures are a very long rough tame. I would recommend finding the lowest level male and female you possibly can, and bite the bullet and tame them with quetz kibble. If you find 2 of them with levels that are nice and low, it'll run you 10-15 quetz kibble. Then, if you want more females, I would suggest mating the 2 that you tamed a few times. Maybe collect 3-4 eggs and hatch them all at once. They are relatively short, easy breeds, and I would much rather spend a couple days breeding a few dimetrodons than spending all that quetz kibble.

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