If starting out then these dinosaurs seem to be one of the most easiest way's to get raw meat and hide, given they are a reasonable level (I'd stick to about 20 and below for starting out, anything higher could be really dangerous) along side 'Dodo's', 'Coel' and 'Parasaur's' (which are not aggressive) That being said, if tamed, their eggs which are made into kibble can provide most useful in taming more effective 'resource' dinosaurs such as the; Doedicurus (for stone) and the Ankylo (for Flint, Metal, Crystal and Obsidian). Although don't underestimate these small Dinosaurs, they can/will be very aggressive when nearby. What I found best to dealing with them at a lower level was the spear, attacking whilst 'back-peddling' aslong as you keep getting the hit in. Then harvest with a pick for more raw meat or the hatchet for more hide. Whatever your preference.

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