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A dilophosaur is a nice tame early game. The dilophosaur is a carnivore so it eats meat. They typically spawn near or at the beaches of Ark. You can knock they out with your fists but I would consider that ineffective. I suggest using a slingshot to shoot from a distance. The dilophosaur has a short search distance and low health so it isn't to much of a danger. Using a club to KO is nice to I just suggest having light armour and points upgraded in health. After knocking it out put raw meat or raw fish meat in inventory. I usually sacrifice a nearby dodo for meat. It will eat meat and its tame meter will go up. After its reached 100% you will have a dilophosaur! They can kill dodos for you and defend you against compys and other dilophosaur.

Up so noobs can see.

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