My favourite new game tame, a small pack of 3-4 between levels 30 and 70 can take out low and mid level sarcos and raptors. Follow the guide below and tame an army of dilos. IMPORTANT this tactic can take some practice to master but when you do you will be tamming level 280 dilos at level 7.

Firstly why I like them so much is because they're quick, high damage (for a early game combat team), and they have a spit ability which decreases their targets speed (with multiple dilos enemy's will almost be stuck in place)

Alright now, first thing you want to do is reach level 2 so you can craft the club, and remember to gather plenty of meats.

Step 1: be in first person view.

Step 2: Craft 2-4 clubs and equip them on your hotbar.

Step 3: Find a dilo with a level lower than 160 (if it's to strong run!). Avoid groups or try to lure 1 away at a time.

Step 4: When it's aggro walk backwards, as it gets close hit it with your club, if timed right the dilo will be knocked back without being able to attack (this is what takes some practice to master but its the most important part). FYI do this walking in circles.

Step 5: repeat Step 4 until it's unconscious, and remember to keep any other dinos you tammed at a distance so they don't kill it.

Step 6: place meats in the dilos inventory and keep an eye on it, use narco berries to keep it asleep if needed (place narco in its inventory and select "feed", feed it 4 narco's at a time).

Step 7: name your new dilo.

Step 8: reach level 7.

Step 9: unlock bola engram and craft 2 stacks of bola's (20).

Step 10: equip both stacks of bola's on your hotbar (you still need your 4 clubs equipped on hotbar to).

Step 11: find level 280 dilo.

Step 12: bola level 280 dilo, if it gets lose, bola it again.

Step 13: repeat steps 1 through 7.

Armor not required but it helps.

Dodo eggs directly restore health when eaten so having a few tammed dodo birds will provide you with those.

Remember to equip eggs on the hotbar for easy use during a fight.

Last bit of advice watch the dilo, when it stops moving and erects its neck frills it means it's going to spit, keep walking backwards or to the side, when you see it spit keep moving and jump, if done correctly you will avoid the attack altogether. If the spit hits you, you will suffer a huge movement and visual debuff and then it's pretty much over for you from there.

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