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•10-20 Raw meat.

•One slingshot.

•Only use bat if you have at least 120 health.

•Bola if you have access to it. (Not necessary, recommended.)

You will usually find these in packs, try to kill all the dilos nearby first, they will defend the one you try to tame.

Attack it by it's back, never stay nearby the head, they'll split poison at your face if you do.

(In case you are using a slingshot, headshot it, but try to dodge it's split, when it opens it's mouth and frills, it's about to split.)

(Use bola if you have it. Be aware that it can still split when trapped.)

Once knocked out, open the inventory. Put about 16 raw meat.

(Some of the raw meat isn't for taming, it's for feed.)

There, you have your own dilo.


Can hunt down stuff like dodos or compy packs for you. Be aware that it has fairly low damage and health, needs a pack to hunt bigger, agressive things.



• Moschops (In pack)

•Parasaurs (In pack)

•Pachys (In 5+ dilo packs)


•High speed, can blind enemy.

Can hunt things like dodo •quickly.

•Quick taming.

•Quick breeding.


•Will likely die to most dinos if not in pack.

•Fairly low health and damage.

•Can't mount.


Build storage boxes around them, if you don't have acess to storage boxes yet build a one by one thatch house. (Roof not necessary but recommended.)

Enable wandering.


Needs 3 campfires, putting torch on egg recommend.

Hatches fairly quick, put about 30 meat on baby's inventory.

Make sure to imprint.


Make sure you have a base with spike walls around your base as soon as possible, A dilo can be killed by literally anything on passive mode. If you can't put them inside your thatch base.

Put 5-10 meat on each dilo's inventory, make sure to replace it every 2-4 days.

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