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How to build A Dilophosaur Spit turret/ Sentinel Tower

What you will need: Rocks/ heavy surplus material, meat, Wooden structures or higher, Wood ramp, wood ladder, one dilophosaur

1. Put down a foundation for your tower


Begin building on a completed structure

2. Set up your first floor and build the walls and roof of the second(you will want a second foundation for the first option)

3. Set up your ladders

4. Place down your ramp

5. Set your dilo to its lowest following range and set it to follow you

6. Lead it up onto the second floor

7. Destroy and replace the ramp to the tower

8. Lead the dilo onto the tower

9. Tell the dilo to stop

10. Put the heavy material into its inventory with a mixture of meat to keep its health up

11. Change its behavior to agressive to medium/high range

You now have a tower that can spit poison or alert you of creatures getting close. If you have guard creatures, like pachyderms or some reptiles, they will be alerted and eliminate the threat.

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