Some say to use a flyer, I say pump some lvls into movement speed, get some custom recipes with 150 stim berries in each cake *to get full stam, eat while running* and you’ll out run them, and they will eventually Aggro something else... or should at least :P *if it makes you feel better, just make a wall, and a single doorframe to run through, it should stop a good few, on the other side of said wall put beds, this way if you die you’ll spawn there. Can be used by anyone, just not the beds, to get eggs easy. Make sure there is some kind of cone to keep them held back for longer. And have more beds farther back, and a small base to put the egg in, use bad eggs for kibble, or custom recipes at the beginning* And once you have the chance fly to said egg bin to pick them up, and bring it back to base to grow some :D. Prepare for old fashion raising... no one has cryopods on official, for this map, good luck hunting. Have fun with mutations too ;)

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