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So, I have a bunch of deins on breeding- I’m mutating some nice colours, a green with red feathertips and a nice blue to compliment it all. Some guy, who I thought was cool and chill, keeps swooping in and stealing my eggs. All the mutations? He stole them. All the new eggs I need? Took them too. When I asked in chat, he lied, making up all kinds of ‘they glitched under the map’ and that nonsense. I go to his base and there they are, thirty or forty of MY deins from MY eggs. I’ve left a sign telling him to stop, but I don’t know if he will. I’ve been told (because im in the alpha tribe) that if they steal from me or my tribemates they’ll be banned. It’s really annoying- I spend months grinding up the mutations, then they just steal them. Then lie. It’s pve, so if it was pvp then sure, fair game, but it’s not. And I don’t get paid, or he doesn’t grind up at all, he just takes. It’s really annoyed me, like REALLY annoyed me. I’m pretty sure he knows who he is, and he better stop. Does anyone else see how unfair this is? Anyone else had similar experiences? Cause dam I hate him right now.

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