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Cool pvp battle stance:

Setting: redwoods, large portion of enemy tribe coming through in a few seconds

Creature 1: deinonychus (ridden by human, clinging high up to redwood tree, preferably at least 10

Creature 2: thylacoleo (ridden by human, clinging high up to tree, ready for pounce, preferable at least 3)

Creature 3: griffin (ridden by human, flying high in the sky, human on back with RPG, at least two)

Procedure: when the enemy comes close, use the thylacoleos to pounce smaller creatures or humans, and use the deinonychuses to kill the larger ones. The griffins go into dive and, when close to ground, passenger fires rocket. Griffin does slam, then rises back into sky and repeats. You have the enemy down in a matter of minutes with few casualties, and you have struck a major blow against an enemy tribe.

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