#1. Ride your flying mount and scout for deinos nests at chalk zone biome.

#2. Stop at high ground and wait for the parent deinos to chase something away from nest. Or use your Argentavis to carry and drop nearby Ankylo or Doedicurus as a bait to distract the guarding deinos. (Be smart! Wait for the perfect opportunity to do step #3)

#3. Approach the egg using your flying mount quickly!

#4. Jump out near the egg -> TAKE THE EGG QUICKLY -> jump in and fly away ASAP! (This must be done in less than 5sec!)

#5. Make a 4x4 thatch/any foundation with closed wall, roof and a door entrance.

#6. Place 10 standing torches inside. (Add more if the egg says "too cold")

#7. Drop the egg/s then light up the torches.

#8. Wait for the incubation to reach 0%.

*These steps are meant for beginners or first timers on snatching and hatching Deinonychus egg @ VALGUERO map. Good luck!

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