True story.

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True story. So it started out when I stole a Crystal wyvern egg. I grabbed 2 because another egg was near by. Then boom out of nowhere the other wyverns come swooping in. I used the harpoon gun to net them down and get some rainbow crystals to feed the 2 baby wyverns that I j stole, and quickly fly back to my base with the 2 ember eggs. I start up my generator and hook it up to the egg incubator and pop them in. 1 egg is female and the 2nd one is male. A perfect breeding pair. I Wait a bit until the eggs are ready to hatch. I was very excited to hatch them since I am newer to ark and have never hatch one let alone tamed one. I hatch the egg and out pops a baby female ember crystal wyvern, or so I thought. I imprinted my baby wyvern and turn around to Check on the other egg that is still incubating. When to my surprise there are 2 more baby wyverns behind me. TRIPLETS. I freaked out a little but I didn’t want to kill them for breeding purposes, but I started grinding the rainbow crystals to feed them. The boy still hasn’t hatched yet becuase the last thing I need are more wyverns running around my greenhouse. Up this or baby wyverns will die

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